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Tuesday, 14 October 2008

What does it take to be a chat moderator in a Bingo room?

Being a Bingo CM is a job that most CM's absolutely love.

Here are some reasons why it's such a great job:

  1. You can work from home
  2. You can choose the hours you work ( mostly)
  3. You make lots of friends online
  4. There are a lot of other CM's to help you out any time of the day
  5. The bingo players are very nice and friendly if you are new
  6. You get to give people 'free' money.

Well, I'd like to say it's the worlds cushiest job, but lets be realistic.
  1. You do have to work shifts, so if that doesn't suit you, it's not for you.
  2. You have to be dilligent and on duty all the time - no quick cuppa unless it's made for you.
  3. You have to sometime ban people - if they are being abusive to others.
  4. You have to work in your pyjamas - just kidding, but you can if you want to!
  5. You normally work form home - which can be tough if you have at home ankle biters....

Other than that every Bingo Chat Moderator I've spoken to just loves their job.

Monday, 6 October 2008

What's it like being a CM you Ask??

What is it like being a CM?
being a cm is great you get to meet all sorts of people and generally they are all a really good laugh.
i love it !

the one thing that is hard is when they don't want to natter and nothing you do will change there mind lol

What don't you like about your job?

the worse bit about the job is when you have to ban people as it not nice for the cm and its not nice for all the other roomies either, and also the people that begrudge the other roomies who win, but you cant have everything pmsl

What are the funny things that happen?

the funny bits are usually typos and crikey there have been a few from cms and roomies ohh the difference one letter can make

What are the players like?

you have regular players too you get to know them and they get to know you and you are some peoples line to the outside, there social life is online, and you take the rough with the smooth you share there good news as well as bad and its like a real community and i am proud to be a part of it
Thanks to Helen for adding these insights to her job as a CM.

Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Stars without makeup

Some days celebrites go out without make up. No, REALLY!

Her's Jennifer Garner!

When they do ( and we are very lucky) they get a pic taken of them, to show us, what they really look like under all those skillfull make up artist's hands - see here

It's worth every envious moment......

So when you sit at home playing bingo in your pyjamas, don't worry, some of them do that at home too! They may even look worse than you do!

Oh, there is some justice in the world......

Wednesday, 27 August 2008


I've never been in a bingo room where there has been no CM, but I hear it's happened once or twice.

Does anyone have any stories about it and what happened?

Post a comment and tell me your stories...

Being a CM is great....

What's it like being a CM?

Get lots bingo roomies who become regulars and you get to know them they tell you about thier families and their lives and whats been happening.

They follow you from room to room and if you arent on for few days, they ask after you and it makes u feel really good about this job and makes you feel like you are doing something right.

Best part of i have found of this job not just roomies but the team I work with they are fantastic, so helpful and friendly,and no matter what question u have or problem there is always some1 there to help.

They are great!!!

My legs have closed........

My most embarrassing thing i think has happened was i used to work in "legs"room 12-6am, until rooms hours were reduced, and i was moved to another site for those hrs.

Couple days after was in "legs" working when few roomies commented how much they miss the room and chatting to me and what they going to do at night now?

I said to them "Well things have changed for me too at night since legs have closed"

i was horrified when roomies started laughing and pointed out what i had said and how it sounded.

I was so red faced and quickly rephrased what i said but toooo late bingo roomies were in fits of laughter and i was in tears laughing.

TG they couldnt see how red faced i truly was ROFL!


OOops! Bet your bingo roomies kept reminding you of that one ! LOL! Well done, hope the 'legs' issues has solved itself!

Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Coming in... going out

I am a CM.
I work the 2am to 6am shift in the (hidden)room every morning but Sunday.
I take the handover from another CM - lets call her 'D' 5 out of 6 days a week, so we have gotten to know each other quite well.

One day she convinced the roomies to pretend that they didn't see me when I reported for my shift.
I actually went in the room, said hi to her and the bingo roomies, and got no response.
Left the room, came back and had the same results. I began to panic as I thought I was experiencing serious technical issues. After the third time leaving the room and re-entering, she finally sent me an MSN message to tell me what she did.

I felt great relief that I wasn't having tech issues, and got a good laugh, but I knew I had to get even with her.

So, a few days later, when I reported for my shift, I entered the bingo room and immediately said....."I enjoyed the chat, best of luck roomies and have a great day. See you all tomorrow," and left the room and waited for her to MSN me before returning to the room.

I have been a CM since October 2007 and I enjoy it very much. I like chatting with people from UK and surrounding areas because I get to learn about parts of the world I haven't visited yet.